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Random Favourites

Episode 115 - Who Am I?
The Richards family were sat eating Dinner. Outside, the storm was making a loud sound and blowing all of the trees madly.
"Fucking storms." said Mrs Richards disapprovingly. "I thought this was supposed to be a tropical paradise. Not Britain."
"It's messing up our signals." said Mike. "I was going to build another rocket today, but I'm having trouble jacking into the satellites."
"Yeah, I can't text Jess..." said Lily. "I'll have to go to her house."
"Not the best idea." said Mike, as the wind blew the man past the window, followed by a smashing sound. Just then there was a knock at the door.
"You get it Mike." said Mrs Richards. "Because you haven't even bothered with my steak."
Not wanting to be murdered or anything, Mike stood up and opened the door. It was Carly. She was looking very scared and was shaking.
"Er - may I help you?" asked Mike. Carly said nothing. She just entered the house.
"Um, excuse me." said Mike. "Who are you exactly."
Carly didn't respond. She looked at Mike.
:iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 1
Tommy Concept Art :iconsergeantneon:SergeantNeon 2 1
Chapter 8 Part 4: Pablo the Fish
The room was silent for a few moments, as everyone stared at Tommy, and then at Annabelle. Annabelle panted a bit, and in a few moments, the lightweight feeling disappeared, while also returning her eyes to the sea blue color they originally were.
From within the crowd, one person began to clap slowly. Everyone turned to the source of the sound, and saw a large man clapping and grinning. He had long, oily black hair combed neatly to his back, and wore a formal tuxedo.
"Congratulations, my darling. You have defeated my strongest player, and so, you deserve your reward," he said, in a Spanish accent.
"Well, alright then!" Annabelle said happily.
"Unfortunately, there is one tiny little problem," the man said again. Mikey, Joey, let me down, and let me meet our winner personally," he said to the men standing on his left and right.
The crowd in front of him made way, and Annabelle saw two large bodyguards, each having an arm on the other one's shoulder. On the arm seat that they made, a ti
:iconsergeantneon:SergeantNeon 1 1
Pineville Season 1 Cover Art. :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 1 1
Episode 114 - Funland
The school bus was traversing the Bellezan wilderness, north of Pineville. There was nothing but hills and trees. Jonas and Wobbles were sat near the front, whilst Lunchlady Caddy drove. Mr Wobbles' class was making a lot of noise.
"Are we there yet?" asked Jonas.
"No." said Caddy.
"Are we there yet?"
"Fuck off."
"You're a lunchlady!" said Jonas. "Why are you even driving?"
"Because you told me to...?"
"Next time I'll hire a better driver then." said Jonas. "One who isn't afraid to break the speed limit."
"Oh, boy, I can't wait for this!" said Sam excitedly over the seat to Mike and Kate. "Funland's gonna be GREAT!"
"Don't get your hopes up." said Mike. "I did some research and it seems lackluster at best..."
"That's exactly why I'm excited!" said Sam with a grin.
"He's planning a prank." said Chris, not surprised.
"Yeah, he's planning a prank." said Alex.
"Don't prank me..." said Kate sadly.
"I'm not planning a prank." said Sam. Mike, Kate, Chris and Alex let out gasps of shock. "I wa
:iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 1 1
Carly (Season 2) :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 1 1 Pineville - Finale Teaser 2 :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 1 Pineville - Prepare for the storm teaser :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 1 Butfas Concept Art :iconsergeantneon:SergeantNeon 2 2 Ellie :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 1 Ethan Myers :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 1 Jeremy :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 1 Jessica Thompson :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 3 1
Chapter 8 Part 3: Arley
It should be mentioned that Graycean was situated quite close to a massive canyon, called the "Big 'Un". Why it was called " 'Un " and not "One" is unknown, even to the older residents of the town.
This canyon was also responsible for the strong and frequent winds in the town, which had blown away clothes, kites and jetpackers plenty of times.
It was one of these winds that carried the fate of our heroine. Her fate and lots of flyers.
Annabelle had just picked up her coin, wondering what to do for the book's money, when one of the flyers smacked her and stuck to her face. After a bit of struggle, Annabelle pulled off the flyer, and read it.
"Now Hiring!
English Teacher for Terminaria University!
Contact Details below!"
"Haha, if I had gotten Heads, this would've been perfect. Ah well," she thought, as she crumpled up the flyer and tossed it away.
Another flyer hit her on the face, which annoyed Annabelle greatly. She pulled it off, and read the new one.
"Big Match Tonight! Fight to the
:iconsergeantneon:SergeantNeon 1 2
Chloe :iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 2 2
Episode 113 - Lily's in Love
The Thompson family were sat eating dinner that night. Mrs Thompson was drunk as usual.
"So - so I told that fucker I'll fucking punch his lights out!" slurred Mrs Thompson. "I said to him "y - yer really wanna fight me ye?" and I could tell the li'l pussy was scared shitless..."
"And that's how your mother lost her job." said Mr Thompson with an awkward smile.
"Yeah..." said Sam. "Again... Dad, I wonder sometimes - how do a couple like you even get together?"
"Love is complicated." said Sam's older brother Tommy. "The unlikeliest parings can become matched. It's all down to cupid."
"Yeah..." said Sam. "I noticed. I was thinking up some Valentine's themed pranks - y'know - to get people in the spirit! Maybe even help some star struck lovers along the way, eheh."
Jessica moaned out loud, seeming oddly stressed.
"Will you SHUT UP about pranks?" she said.
They then heard something come through the front door.
"Must be junk mail." shrugged Mr Thompson. "Samuel, go get it."
"Fine..." said S
:iconeeveeofparadia:EeveeOfParadia 1 0


Head Bases
After years of practicing, modeling, and copying styles, I have made 3 bases for heads I find good for use. I honestly feel I have done bases that could work in any situation. Just editing a bit around it for different purposes. Hope it's something people can also use if they want to have a base for their own, during their practices for their own styles.
NagatoYukiChan 's characters Sicari and K-16.
After a very emotive night where friendship was confirmed, the 2 get a needed rest before heading towards sure dangers. Sicari may be worried, but they can't give up now.
Sergent Neon
Mah bro SergeantNeon ntNeon, also known as Shree.
Very creative guy, always ready to listen and help, he is a very good friend, although a bit crazy. But being normal is boring anyway. Host to the tulpa Anna Ryuuzaki.
Anna Ryuuzaki
Anna is the tulpa/partner/imaginary friend 2.0 of my friend SergeantNeon also known as Shree.
She's a very optimistic and carying girl, making sure everyone (specially Shree) are doing well and happy.


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Rafael Echeverría Aranda
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm some guy who likes videogames and making up stories. Currently making one in SMWC.

Check it here:…


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