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Cam by CidYoshi Cam :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 1 0 The Artist by CidYoshi The Artist :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 2 5 Damnit Keith by CidYoshi Damnit Keith :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 2 0 Mecha Handstand by CidYoshi Mecha Handstand :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 2 1 Old Niviean by CidYoshi Old Niviean :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 3 2 Alicia by CidYoshi Alicia :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 2 2 Anna-Black by CidYoshi Anna-Black :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 2 4 Night at Park by CidYoshi Night at Park :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 4 2 Blaze by CidYoshi Blaze :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 5 3 Pilot Ryan by CidYoshi Pilot Ryan :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 4 1 Wanna see a magic trick? by CidYoshi Wanna see a magic trick? :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 5 2 Ken by CidYoshi Ken :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 4 4 Sushi Roll by CidYoshi Sushi Roll :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 4 6 Summer Hair by CidYoshi Summer Hair :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 4 2 Secret Stash by CidYoshi Secret Stash :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 3 5 Anna Box by CidYoshi Anna Box :iconcidyoshi:CidYoshi 13 5


Recreated by SergeantNeon Recreated :iconsergeantneon:SergeantNeon 1 1 Hazel Animated by NewLifeComic Hazel Animated :iconnewlifecomic:NewLifeComic 1 2 Daisy (battle ready) by Daisy6754 Daisy (battle ready) :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 9 6 Kara Playing In The Rain by NewLifeComic Kara Playing In The Rain :iconnewlifecomic:NewLifeComic 2 1 Sword practice by Daisy6754 Sword practice :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 3 2 Blaze (battle ready) by Daisy6754 Blaze (battle ready) :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 7 5 From the Comic - Hazel Answers The Door by NewLifeComic From the Comic - Hazel Answers The Door :iconnewlifecomic:NewLifeComic 1 1 Hey Wake Up, Its time to get up. by Kiro037g Hey Wake Up, Its time to get up. :iconkiro037g:Kiro037g 1 2 A Peculiar Duo by ShidouC A Peculiar Duo :iconshidouc:ShidouC 3 2 Bombibomb by NagatoYukiChan Bombibomb :iconnagatoyukichan:NagatoYukiChan 4 1 the other 4 girls by Daisy6754 the other 4 girls :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 8 15 Shiny by NewLifeComic Shiny :iconnewlifecomic:NewLifeComic 2 1 {WIP} the OTHER 4 girls by Daisy6754 {WIP} the OTHER 4 girls :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 2 3 Lily by Daisy6754 Lily :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 8 12 Sideview (Sara) by NewLifeComic Sideview (Sara) :iconnewlifecomic:NewLifeComic 4 2 {Lumi} days by Daisy6754 {Lumi} days :icondaisy6754:Daisy6754 4 4


Cameron, or Cam for short, is Annabelle's and... well mine's, second offspring, thus making him Sonia's younger brother.
While Sonia mostly went her own calling in life, Cam took the legacy of both parents, this brandishing the revived PencilSword and the Soul Orbs. Currently he can only use Oshido, which who he is good partners with. He is mostly quiet and calm, so he seems shy. Although he is pretty insecure, he is still rather friendly.
Cam has quite the big interest in Reena since ever. Gladly, she is more than happy to return it.
The Artist
Just a drawing of me!! ^^
Not much to add really.
Damnit Keith
A bit of backstory to this drawing:
So my buddy of NewLifeComic really likes the art and comic of Twokinds and told me to check it out too. So I did. It's a nice comic actually. Very deep, funny and nice story. It has some things that don't thick me well though, and although definetly not on my favorite comics, I say is good.
So to the left is Baxter, and on the right is Keith, a main character of TwoKinds. He is my favorite for how quirky yet cool he is, and had a good character development.
HOWEVER, there was a certain scene in one page that... completly broke my mind, since I didn't saw it coming after all. Since then, I like jokingly blaiming him for everything going wary. I like Keith, as I said, its my favorite. But... damnit Keith.
Mecha Handstand
Sonia just being cute and deciding to stand on her hands... although I'm pretty sure she is cheating somehow
Old Niviean
So in NewLifeComic we saw how who seemed to be Sara's dad was responsable for the death of Ryan's parents. I was wondring if he would show up later on but... its confirmed in the comic that he kicked the but by being on the wrong side of Ryan's sword. Oh welp.

This is just my idea of how he would look if he hadn't died yet, older and beated up


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Rafael Echeverría Aranda
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm some guy who likes videogames and making up stories. Currently making one in SMWC.

Check it here:…


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